Segundo Simposio Neurología Infantil | 27 y 28 de junio 2019


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• Status epilepticus update 2019
• Critical sare EEG: Ictal-Interictal Continuum Neuromuscular Neurologic Emergencies
(GBS, MG) Demyelinating Neurologic Emergencies (ADEM, Acute Transverse Myelitis,
Multiple Sclerosis)
• Pediatric stroke
• Urgencias neonatales: Neonatal Stroke, errores congénitos del metabolismo, Approuch
to Hypotonic Newborn
• Acute Headache evaluation and Management
• Urgencias neuro-quirúrgicas: Brain Injury, ICP Management, Shunt malfunction and
infections, Intraventricular hemorrhage


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